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Why do some Small Businesses achieve success, and most Small Businesses fail?

I suggest the biggest reason for business success and failure is due to or a lack of a proper foundation. A business, like a building needs to be build. And any builder will tell you that if the foundation is not solid, the building will not last. A business can be seen in the same light, if the foundation is weak, the future prospects of the business will be weak. And even if a business does manage to grow with a weak foundation, chances are pretty good that any growth will come crumbling down, like a deck of cards due to weak infrastructure.

It is critical for a Small Business owner in the first couple of years to spend most of their time, resources and energy on building a foundation for their organisation. A strong foundation is therefore more important in the infant stages of your business than exponential growth. As a matter of fact, the right foundation will create a climate within your business for organic growth. And organic growth is the most sustainable form of growth and will lead to sustainable and consistent results over a long period of time.

A foundation for your business needs to be planned, created and build – it does not just happen! A strong foundation consists of five key building blocks. And without a strong foundation, business growth is wishful thinking.

The first and most important building block is a Viable Business Strategy. Your entire foundation hinges on this aspect. If you do not have a clear strategy, you are basically attacking the enemy blind.

Here is an article written by Business Coach, Brend Badenhorst discussing the 5 important building blocks your business needs to create a strong foundation on THIS LINK.