Cleaning Business Plan For NCCA Registration, Government Funding And Tender Applications

Business Plan For A Funding Application At Government Institutes And Private Institutes

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Cleaning Business Plan

Our Cleaning Business Plan Option is focussed on assisting Cleaning Companies to register with NCCA and to apply for Funding. Included in the option is a Professional Layout, Industry Research and a 5 Year Financial Projection!

Cleaning Business Plan Price:

Service Variables:
40-60 pages.
5 Year Financial Projection.
Cleaning Business Plan Layout compliant with the NCCA.
3 Easy Steps to Start:
Step 1: Apply now.
Step 2: Complete our Easy Questionnaire.
Step 3: Send us proof of payment.
Complies with Industry Regulators (NCCA), Government Funding Institutes and Private Financial Institutes in South Africa.
Finalized within 5 Working Days.
Online Service: Accessible All-Over South Africa.
The Business Plan Word Document for future editing.
The 5 Year Financial Excel Model for future editing.
Payment options:
Cash Deposit
Bank EFT
Credit Card
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NB: The Cleaning Business Plan is an Entry Level Business Plan in a professional layout. We assist with basic suggestions and Industry research regarding the Cleaning sector in South Africa. Please note that with the Cleaning Business Plan option we will not do an in-depth market research and a competitor analysis on your behalf. If you want an in-depth market research and a competitor analysis you need to apply for the Advanced Business Plan option.

Cleaning Business Plan Layout:

A: Introduction
Business Concept.
Financial Introduction.
B: Business Purpose
Vision, Mission and Values.
B: Business Model
Operational Industry.
Unique Advantage.
Products/ Services Analyses.
Environmental Impact Analysis.
Marketing strategy.
Operations Strategy.
Brief Industry Analysis.
Brief Market Analysis.
Competitive Advantage.
SWOT Analysis.
E: General information
F: Financial Plan
Financial Introduction.
Funding Analyses.
(12) Month & (5) Year Financial Projection.
(12) Month & (5) Year Sales Volume Projection.
(12) Month & (5) Year Profit and Loss Projection.
(12) Month & (5) Year Cashflow Projection.
(12) Month Break Even Projection.
(12) Month & (5) Year Balance Sheet Projection.
(12) Month & (5) Year Personnel Plan Projection.
G: (5) Year Financial Projection
(5) Year Profit and Loss Projection.
(5) Year Cashflow Projection.
(5) Year Balance Sheet Projection.

3 Easy Steps to Start

Step 2

Complete Our Easy Questionnaire.

Step 3

Send us the Proof of Payment. Payment Options: Cash Deposit, Bank EFT and Credit Card.